This is how to let go of the need to be Right

It may not always seem that easy, but in fact all struggles of modern life can be resolved starting with yourself (and ending with the other person). This article offers you the tools to do so.

Your circle of influence

Have you got a clear mental picture of your circle of influence? Or do you just as often address issues that are out of your control? By learning to distinguish between your circle of influence and circle of concern you will prevent entering into conflicts that don’t serve your interests.

A cure to the end of the year madness

Short days with scarce daylight followed by a short night after christmas functions, mails that need answering before the festive break and targets I still want to meet. It is a dangerous mix that adds up to a short temper and a mean tongue. Although I know: When in a hurry, there is all the more reason to take a break and reflect.

Conflict avoiding, me?

Do you know how you deal with conflicts or even with a tricky personal or professional situation? This article will help conflict avoiding readers to be perfectly honest with themselves ànd as a result become more effective.

Your best alternative

Many aspects of life are a negotiation in some form. To deal with these successfully it is crucial to consider your walk away alternative. Exploring your alternative allows you to consider how necessary it is for you to reach agreement. You might be positively surprised.