Mediation can take away your fear to solve a conflict

Fear that a solution will be imposed

Mediation is based on free will. Without the commitment of both parties, there will be no resolution.

Fear to give away too much

The whole mediation process is strictly confidential. That enables parties to disclose information without fear.

Fear of partiality

Impartiality is one of the core strengths of mediation. A mediator is independent from the outcome and from both parties.

That means there is no need to fear a biased outcome.

Fear to lose control

If you wish to stay involved and in control you should opt for mediation to help solve your conflict.

Mediation is a transparant process. Both parties are at the table from the start until the end.

Fear of the outcome

Since both parties are shape the resolution, the resolution will meet both parties interests.

Mediation is a step by step process. When an agreement is reached both parties have the possibility to get a second opinion before they make their final decision.

Fear of a quick fix

Both parties have the freedom to walk away from the mediation at any stage. That means that when they do come to an agreement that will have been decided upon in free will.

A decision that is not imposed will last and will be executed without difficulties.

Fear that the other party is incompetent

Sometimes one of the parties, or both parties, lack specific knowledge to come up with an effective solution.

If they lack legal knowledge mediation offers two options:
1. Both parties are joined by a legal counsel during the mediation process.
2. Both parties ask specific advise from our legally trained mediator.

Fear of a never ending story

Mediation is a lot quicker as a process than going to court is. That is because mediation does not offer the possibility of an appeal.


If you don`t have much time and the other party is also eager to solve the conflict in a short delay mediation is the best option.

Some mediations are settled in one meeting. If several meetings are needed, the interval is never longer than a week. That enables parties to keep up speed and come to an agreement in a very short amount of time.

Insufficient funds

Has the conflict cost you a lot of money allready? In that case going to court is not an option.

Mediation is. It is fast, effective and cheap, compared to other options such as litigation or arbitration.

Very often, nothing doing anything about the problem is costly too. You need a fast resolution so you can start using your time effectively again.

Fear of reputation damage

Mediation offers strict confidentiality. That means nobody needs to know you had a conflict.

Fear that the other party is too angry

One of the core competences of a mediator is to de-escalate a conflict. The rule of strict confidentiality helps to create a safe environment for conversation and negotation between parties.

Having said that, if parties have reached the lose-lose stadium (‘I don’t care if I’m going down, but you’re going down with me’) it is definitely too late to consider mediation.

Come and meet the mediator to find out whether mediation can help solve your problem. An introductory meeting is free of charge and without obligation.