Every conflict can be highly destructive when unresolved.

Sometimes one position seems to exclude another one.

Ignoring a conflicting situation has never helped solve a conflict. On the contrary, turning a blind eye, can make matters much worse. Litigating may offer a solution, but only to a certain degree, and without knowing in advance which way it’ll turn out.

Because most conflicts originate from a loss of trust they can only be resolved by the conflicting parties. But unfortunately people or companies often get lost in translation, caught up in the destructive dynamics of conflicts.

What it takes then, is help from a skilled mediator.


When resolved a conflict can offer great opportunities.

Mediation unfolds the interests people have. Some interests will be conflicting, but shared interests are just as common.

Positions can never offer a solution. Looking at the interests behind positions can. And when both parties reach an agreement on how to resolve the matter, the resolution will be sustainable.

Unfold conflicts makes sure that you can carry on your business and your life, having succesfully resolved a conflict.

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Louise Dancet is a MfN certified legal mediator and founder of Unfold Conflicts.

The professional experience Louise has had with conflicts for the last ten years have served her both as a lawyer and a mediator.

Louise operates in a business to business context, mediating conflicts between business partners, founding/managing partners, (international) team members or shareholders. She also coaches professionals and entrepreneurs on conflict resolution.

For ICM Opleidingen & Trainingen she trains junior mediators and at Amsterdam based The School of Life she will be teaching the class How to Deal with Disagreements.

What sets Louise apart as a person and professional is the combination of her business driven approach and emotional intelligence.

Having travelled and lived in several countries Louise speaks fluent French, Dutch, English and Spanish and has notions of Italian and Arabic.

You can read more about Louise’s background and competences.

Cross-cultural experience

Cross-cultural relationships and business are ruled by a different dynamic.

Personal and cultural sensitivities both connect ànd disrupt companies and people. To prevent and reconcile disruptions and cultural conflicts it takes a mediator with a cultural awareness.

Louise Dancet has been subject to cultural differences herself. Her parents immigrated to Finland and she herself has lived in Brussels, Barcelona, Malta and for the last five years in Amsterdam. She has picked up many languages but mostly she experienced that it are the different cultural values that lead to all kind of misunderstandings and conflicts.

As a professional Louise’s sensitivity for cultural differences enables her to obtain better results for her clients.

Various situations can benefit from cross-cultural mediation. Some of the conflicts Louise has helped resolve:

  • a liability claim between a Belgian and a Dutch company
  • the resolution of property between an Italian client and her American husband
  • a conflict about intellectual property arisen between an Amsterdam based developer and his Spanish client.

In a nutshell

Unfold Conflicts focuses on constructive confrontations and offers de-escalation techniques.