Prevention works better than any cure does

If you want to create fruitful collaborations these are questions you should ask yourself:

– How to communicate effectively when your spokesperson has a different background, etnicity, personality or coporate identity?
– How to handle a difficult conversation?
– How to bring a negotation to a win-win outcome?
– How to ventilate your frustrations without damaging your (work)relationship?
– What are your qualities and what qualities should you look for in the people you work with or deal with otherwise?
– How do you turn a ‘yes’ into a ‘no’?
– How can you make sure that your interests are met without losing sight of your work/businessrelationship?
– How can you move along with people without giving in too much (and build up frustrations)?
– How can you prevent a situation froem escalating?
– What can you do from your side of the spectrum to de-escalate a situation?
– How can you break away from old patterns?
– How can you communicate your needs effectively?
– How can you get the information you need from a conversation or interview (in case you’re hiring)?

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